Frequently asked questions

  • What is Lekwandza?
  • What is Lekwandza’s mission?
  • What does Lekwandza mean?
  • When was Lekwandza founded?
  • Where does Lekwandza work?
  • Where does Lekwandza have offices?
  • Who does Lekwandza work with?
  • What is Lekwandza’s expertise?
  • Can Lekwandza fund my non-profit or programme?
  • Does Lekwandza offer internships or volunteer opportunities?

What is Lekwandza?

Lekwandza is a dynamic leader in global health and business innovation. We are catalysts of growth and solutions across seven platforms – global public health, occupational health, coaching, business project management, bio-medical engineering, creations and innovation, and new ventures or new business


What is Lekwandza’s mission?

The brand equity of Lekwandza is based on:

  • Building and continual nurturing of genuine partnerships with our client  as a core component of our success
  • Providing context-specific services and support to enhance our client’s capacity to accomplish their mission
  • Promoting institutional and human capacities, knowledge transfer, and multi-stakeholder harmonisation
  • Providing holistic solutions to individual, organisational and global problems
  • Improving and sustaining the health, development and success of individuals, organisations, and communities at local, national and international level
  • Commitment to the wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which live and work
  • Constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards in our everyday work and the quality of the service we provide
  • Growing business opportunities through agility and innovation

What does Lekwandza mean?

Lekwandza is a Swazi word whose English translation is ‘for proliferation’ or ‘for multiplication’ or ‘for expansion’ or ‘for growth’ depending on the context


When was Lekwandza founded?

Lekwandza was founded in November 2015

Where does Lekwandza work?

Lekwandza works across all sectors of society, both locally and internationally


Where does Lekwandza have offices?

Lekwandza’s offices are in Maasbanker, Meerensee, Richards Bay, South Africa. The opening of offices in other parts of Africa and other continents, is in the pipeline.


Who does Lekwandza work with?

We collaborate extensively with individuals, non-governmental organisations, public sector, private sector, foundations, and local groups in the communities we serve. Such collaborations and partnerships are essential to the success and sustainability of our work.


What is Lekwandza’s expertise?

We provide expertise in global public health, occupational health, integrated medicine, coaching, change management, advocacy, leadership, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, business strategy, business project management, creations and innovation, supply chain management and logistics, bio-chemistry, biomedical engineering, and agility


Can Lekwandza fund my non-profit or programme?

It is envisaged that once our foundation has been established, we will be able to fund other programmes, non-profit organisations, or individuals, including the provision of sponsorships and scholarships


Does Lekwandza offer internships or volunteer opportunities?

It is envisaged that Lekwandza will be in a position to offer internships and volunteer opportunities in the near future


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