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Living in this world presents us with a broad spectrum of possibilities. The circumstances of individuals and societies may differ, but the bottom line is that all people have the potential to achieve great results in every aspect of their lives. It is a fact that we live in an unequal world, and that many people in many parts of the world are experiencing challenges beyond measure, yet others are enjoying prestige and prosperity beyond imagination. We can draw inspiration from societies and people with little or no resources or means, but who have transformed dire situations into the best situations at all levels of life. A paradigm shift that enables a positive conditioning of our minds can propel us to greater heights that we never imagined could be possible, whereas, focusing so much on the negatives can cloud our thinking and disable us from achieving our potential. It is all about a resolve by taking a stand to end the cycle of negativity, pain, trauma, illness, poverty, and inequalities, in order to transform our lives for the best at all levels of our being, regardless of our background or circumstances. Dr. Mbuso Precious Mabuza
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The flesh eating and bone-destroying disease - 2019-02-27

Fighting off the Flesh Eater With mycetoma, all it takes is a prick from a thorny acacia tree to forever change—and often destroy—lives.   The flesh-eating, bone-destroying disease disables thousands in in sub-Saharan Africa and other regions. It often afflicts young farmers—typically family breadwinners—with ... more

Migration Elucidation - 2018-12-06

Nearly 14% of the global population resides in a place other than where they were born, according to a new UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health.   But migration remains a highly politicized, deeply complex issue. Damaging myths that migrants spread disease or strain government services erroneously drive policies that erode the bas... more

The Lessons of Alma-Ata - 2018-09-10

Rita Thapa was in the room when it happened. September 12, 1978 in Alma-Ata.  The legendary meeting’s stirring call for primary health care for all reverberated across the ensuing 4 decades. Thapa, who represented Nepal at Alma-Ata and had founded the Primary Health Care Project in her country in 1975, has a unique view on the declara... more