We are a consulting firm that provides context specific services to Individuals, Groups, Governments, Companies, NGOs, and International Development organisations to sustain health, corporate governance, legislative compliance, and high performance through enabling capacity building, innovation, learning, and continual improvement.

We provide global public health technical assistance, organisational health and wellbeing services, bio-medical engineering services, business project management services, coaching, strategy and policy development, monitoring and evaluation, designs and innovations, sustainability and development services, and research expertise, by working with clients, ensuring their every objective is met in the most effective and efficient manner possible.



It is the vision of Lekwandza© that the company will be internationally and nationally recognised as the preferred provider of global health, organisational wellbeing, coaching, thought leadership, sustainable development, biomedical supplies, project management, innovations and business solutions in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. We aim to evolve with the times through agility and innovation and to build a diversified business enterprise that is built on the foundation of trust, ethics, and continual improvement.



The brand equity of Lekwandza© is based on:

Building and continual nurturing of genuine partnerships with our client  as a core component of our success
Providing context-specific services and support to enhance our client’s capacity to accomplish their mission
Promoting institutional and human capacities, knowledge transfer, and multi-stakeholder harmonisation
Providing holistic solutions to individual, organisational and global problems
Improving and sustaining the health, development and success of individuals, organisations, and communities at local, national and international level
Commitment to the wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which we live and work
Constantly striving to achieve the highest possible standards in our everyday work and the quality of the service we provide
Growing business opportunities through agility and innovation


Global Health Public Health

The growing gap between the supply and demand for health services is an opportunity for innovation, improving the impact of investments, increasing the demand for health services, and improving health service integration.

Substantial increase in both funding for global health and the number of entities involved raises the need for greater accountability, impact measurement, and sustainability assurance. And to realise the potential of these and future investments, the world will be looking for greater engagement by the private sector, greater efficiencies and coordination among those investments, greater access to health services, and greater ability to direct investments more strategically.

We focus on:

Public health services quality, performance and delivery
Management of health systems
Public Health Issues in Low-Income Countries
Epidemiology of Diseases
Health programmes, systems, and policies
Multi-stakeholder harmonisation in global and public health
Improving integration of health services across all sectors
Health Economics and Finance
Improving and sustaining equitable healthcare financing
Increased demand for health services
Mergers and acquisitions and post-merger integration strategies in the healthcare sector
Providing technical assistance to global and public health programmes
Monitoring and Evaluation of global and public health programmes
Global and public health research support
International Disaster Management
Increasing focus on the impact of climate change on global and public health
Public Health Nutrition
Health Protection
Digital and mobile healthcare solutions
National Health Insurance
Pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturing and supplies
Medical Informatics
Impact Assessments


Bio-Medical Engineering

Artificial Organs (hearing aids, cardiac pacemakers, artificial kidneys and hearts, blood oxygenators, synthetic blood vessels, joints, arms, and legs).
Automated Patient Monitoring (during surgery or in intensive care, healthy persons in unusual environments, such as astronauts in space or underwater divers at great depth).
Blood Chemistry Sensors (potassium, sodium, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and pH).
Advanced Therapeutic and Surgical Devices (laser system for eye surgery, automated delivery of insulin, etc.).
Application of expert Systems and artificial intelligence decision making (computer-based systems for diagnosing diseases).
Design of optical clinical laboratories (computerised analyser for blood samples, cardiac catheterisation laboratory, etc.).
Medical imaging systems (ultrasound, computer assisted tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission tomography, etc.).
Computer modelling of physiologic systems (blood pressure control, renal function, visual and auditory nervous circuits, etc.).
Biomaterial design (mechanical, transport and biocompatibility properties of implantable artificial materials).
Biomechanics of injury and wound healing (gait analysis, application of growth factors, etc.).
Sports medicine (rehabilitation, external support devices, etc.).


Occupational Health

We focus on providing occupational health services to enhance the business’ realisation of gaining competitive advantage and the bottom line through healthy employees.

Our range of occupational health services include:

Promoting the health of employees and providing medical guidance for health and safety
Occupational hygiene surveys
Occupational health risk assessments
Health strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation
Tailored medical surveillance programme to meet the company’s specific needs
Health Risk Management and facilitating the rapid return of injured or ill employees
Training Services (Organisational health and wellbeing, Lifestyle, Life skills, Resilience)
Chemical analyses
Radiation monitoring and management
Rehabilitation Services
Infection Control
Impact Assessments


Business Strategy and Project Management

Strategic Project Management makes business sense

Given the ever changing global economic environment, there has been a growing need for organisations to reposition themselves including diversification, acquisitions, mergers, and entry into emerging markets. As such, there has been a drive towards projectisation in almost every organisation in order to gain a competitive advantage and a healthy bottom line.

We focus on working with the client in terms of:

Business transformation, operational efficiencies and restructuring.

Effective application of the project management methodologies, processes, tools, techniques and standards.
Analysis and application of the soft skills for effective people management, specifically around managing teams and team members.
Analysis of the organisation’s approach to project management by assessing its structure, competitive edge, maturity level, and the role of its business plans.
Governance, Risk and Compliance management services
Monitoring and Evaluation of Business Strategies and Systems.
Impact Assessments.


Life Coaching and Business Coaching

Our search for meaning and purpose in life is an ongoing process as we go through different stages and experiences through life’s journey, especially when the old answers no longer work such as in a career, relationship or business perspective. Sometimes, regardless of whether the basic needs are met or not, there is an ongoing search for answers and asking bigger questions. There may also be corporate uncertainty due to globalisation and increasing competition. 

Our coaching services may help individuals and organisations to:

Find the tools, perspective, process and clarity of purpose
Convert dreams into goals and strategies, and be supported along the way towards achieving them
Realign the way the organisation deals with time pressure, people development, attracting and retaining talent and skills
Enable the organisation to be innovative to keep up with competition
Monitoring and Evaluation


Lifestyle Plus

Fitness and Sports
Life Balance
Holistic Wellbeing
Retreats and Relaxation


Creations and Innovations

Website Design
Graphic Design
Fashion Design
Creative writing
Creative art


Business Ventures & New Business

Supply chain and Logistics
International Trade
Events management
Mergers and Acquisitions
Travel and Tourism
Renewable Resources and Energy